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In my very essence, am I finished and immutable, or, am I in the process of becoming?

Do my actions have any effect on my ultimate fate, or, is my very ignorance of such effects sufficient assurance that they make no difference whatsoever?

Does it matter how people feel and think, or, is it of importance only if it can help me to influence them to do what I want?

In the shadow of the Unknown, can I be carefree, or, should I try to be responsible?

What to do in the absence of ultimate guidance? Follow instincts, or enforce intellectually constructed schemes? Be free to act in any manner whatsoever, or feel ever hesitant and restrained?

*            *            *

Why justify conditions not of our choosing?

If I accept disagreeable states, do I show strength and resilience, or just plain helplessness?

If I continue to go along not opposing things objectionable, am I accepting a subservient standing with respect to outside forces? Does it make me wholly manipulable, externally controlled and inconsequential? Or, is it that I harmonize with the larger world in that way, properly offering no resistance to the flow of which I am a part? In short, in so doing do I violate, or follow my basic nature?

If I accept pain, do I strengthen my spirit, or I just find a way to glorify what I can not change? Am I succumbing to animal dictates, or crossing a spiritual threshold?

If existence hurts, then it is an imperative toward change. But change toward what?

If I am dissatisfied with my condition, and yet unable to change it, how long should I continue to accept it and when do I resort to radical means?

If I take charge and interfere with fate, will I break some sacred laws, or, will I set myself free and graduate to a higher plane of self-determination? Am I really free, or should I persist in fear?

If I take drastic action, do I show cowardice or courage? Is it foolish irresponsibility or admirable resolve? In so doing, do I triumph over the inner animal, or do I defeat the only guidance system that nature equipped me with?

Is my quest for validation of the seeming consistency of logical schemes correct and proper, or does it indicate weakness of faith?

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