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Since we have to divert a significant portion of our mental resources to secure and optimize physical survival, we can not see the reality for what it is, in terms of its most final and ultimate aspects. Striving to survive necessitates a dynamic interaction with the surroundings – a condition much too accelerated to allow for recognition of the enduring aspects of peace and balance.

To the extent that the human mind is but a useful implement in assisting self-preservation, it can not properly assess the truth. Given the demands of survival, it necessarily must focus on the immediate and local considerations, while correspondingly de-focusing elsewhere. In so doing, it implicitly negates all else.

The animal inside imposes upon us its supreme imperative: survive-at-all-cost, preserve your physical frame, reproduce and last through time – no more, no less. Our conscious self and our human intellect are also at its service.

If given a choice, the conscious mind would rather proclaim its own postulate – the formulation and establishment of an ideal world. Such a world would be most pleasing and permanently gratifying to all subjective consciousness – collective and individual.

However, given an overriding physical imperative, the conscious mind is forced to compromise. It must attend to survival oriented tasks and filter out all else as secondary. Thus, a mind that is engaged in securing survival must remain inherently biased when attempting to comprehend reality in its general aspects. Rather than being uniformly diffused, it assumes a narrow, goal oriented focus. Its conclusions are reached on basis of limited and incomplete data. They cannot prove useful for purposes of broad definitions.

Since physical survival is achieved very effectively by many species without human-like intelligence, we must conclude that the application of human mind towards the business of survival represents a misuse. To put it differently, it appears that orientation towards survival makes the truth unattainable. 

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