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The following pieces may be read individually, but if you proceed in the suggested sequence the overall theme will be easier to discern.

THE TRUTHS local and temporary vs. universal and permanent
LAWS IN EFFECT time and logic vs. empiricism
THOUGHTS VS. FEELINGS  things you feel are self-validating and therefore absolute, whereas things you think about are arbitrary and therefore relative
SUBJECTIVE PRIMACY   anything confirms consciousness by the fact of its existence - no matter what it conveys in a symbolic way
DEEP SUBJECTIVITY what we consider objective reality is just a class of subjective experience
SELF-AFFIRMATION since it is just as easy to construct a self-affirming identity as a self-negating one, why choose the latter
WISDOM an orientation towards what is universal and permanent
FREE ASSOCIATION our attitudes with respect to external things come into being only because we happen to associate them with certain subjective experiences.
LEARNING for a meaningful experience to result, what we feel internally must fuse with what we perceive on the outside
THE SENSES categorizing sensory experience
RREFLECTING ON MEDITATION meditation, May 23, 2005
IN SEARCH OF A MOVIE PROJECTOR layers of consciousness meet their corresponding equivalents in the objective realm
CHANGE OF POLARITIES things move in circles - all phenomena tend to reverse in time
TO MY CLONE is different "different" or "the same"?
A BETTER CHOICE seeing in terms of similarities, rather than differences
THE COMMON CORE similarities are cumulative and form a central core which, although unacknowledged, is implicit in all things
DUALITY duality at its logical extreme
CONTRADICTING contradict a contradiction
TO MEET PAIN as long as avoidance of pain remains our chief motivation we are fundamentally animals. once we overcome this barrier we become truly self-directed.
THE SURVIVAL TRADE-OFF application of human intelligence to the business of survival represents a misuse
GOALS we are driven by two distinct types of motivation
how civilized are we?
THE UNKNOWN up to the limit, and beyond
any attempt at self-definition spells out self-limitation. to define is to limit and restrict.
TO QUESTION OR NOT TO QUESTION from doubt to more doubt...

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