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While the conscious realm necessitates both a subject and an object, no particular subject necessitates any particular object.

A certain quality of subjective experience may be accompanied by a certain objective content. However, the same subjective quality may just as well correlate with an entirely different objective content.

Person (A) may be experiencing terrifying fear and nausea when confronted with heights, while person (B) may experience the same quality of terror and discomfort when exposed to snakes, for example.

Conversely, a given objective content may correlate with subjective qualities of divergently dissimilar "feel" or "taste".

For example, the same condition of being submerged in water can produce panic in person (X) and a sense of relaxing pleasure in person (Y).

There is nothing intrinsic about heights, snakes, water, or about objective content of any kind, that would per se, correspond to any given way of responding to them. Ultimately, anything goes with anything.

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