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Get up, come forth, meet your destiny, look her in the eye
give up distractions, look away no more
running and hiding can only postpone the inevitable
confront the worst scenario
address the very ultimate of considerations

recognize you are fighting a losing battle
face the immenseness of the unknown
acknowledge lack of basis for any undertaking - save random chance
realize you cannot verify your guesswork
feel the extent of your vulnerability
face the eternal doubt, the tearing duality in all things

come to terms with the unrelenting mystery, with conditionality of all that exists
accept total transience of your creations
know your smallness, feel how powerless you are to change the laws which predefine you
taste your loneliness, as you stand against the vastness of it all
contemplate your own death, the only certainty that one day will look you in the eye...

            *            *            *

Then move forth, as there is no other way
no yardsticks, no formulas, no guarantees - all options open
only your intuition as your guide
only your trust to lead you, as you grope
look within, and find the other side of duality...

discover your strength in your weakness
discover your true nature through ignorance of all else
discover your inexhaustibility as you give up more and more
discover your indestructibility as you shed layers of fear...

swallow the contradiction - oh, how surreal...
contradict the contradiction, postulate her opposite
you must, not to violate her essential truth...

postulate a more fundamental agreement, an underlying unity
there must be one before two - oneness must precede
marvel the coexistence of two in one - isn't the trinity grand?
marvel the simultaneous presence and absence
this will be your salvation from all zeros and ones...

no longer pick from options given - pick those of your own making
no longer look for values - set up the ones you deem right
no longer accommodate to the world - transform it instead
simply be what you are, for this is your rightful home...

compromise no more
find existence confirmed
take her for granted and celebrate
then reign forever
the dice are rolling... be free...

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