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Experience of the world confirms my existence, which in turn confirms existence of the world. I experience, therefore I AM, and therefore the world IS

I am a point in space and time. I am directed outward where I confront the world. For a duration, I perceive a certain local portion of the universe, and I wonder what lies beyond. I am separated from the complete knowledge, but the very nature of my conscious being is a source of my validation. 

I am that which perceives and registers experience. I am a recipient of its continuous flow. I am its evaluator. I have preferences as to its quality, and I change the outside world with the hope of affecting this quality in desired ways. 

Most of what I experience is sensory information which implies to me an external presence of something that has produced it. I tend to equate my sensory experience with objective presence it merely suggests. I must be mindful of the difference. 

I cannot step out of my own individual experience. Things are what they are only for the purposes of my experience. Their objective nature must forever remain just beyond. 

I tend not to distinguish between my perceptions of things and things in themselves. I take my perceptions of things to be things, while I forget that things in themselves, by definition, must remain out of reach. 

There are THINGS and there are IDEAS of things. Things generate ideas, and ideas generate things. That which lies outside of human experience is things; all human experience is ideas. An idea of a thing is a presumption of that thing as existing. 

We equate THE UNDEFINED with THE NON-EXISTENT, but it is really PRE-EXISTENT. What we consider reality is but an assumption of existence cast into the abyss of pre-existence. It becomes existent, because we support it with our action and belief.

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