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Before a sound will convey anything about the site where the air vibrations are generated, it signifies THE EAR.
Before a sight will convey anything about objects which reflect the light, it signifies THE EYE.
Before a concept will convey anything about its content, it signifies THE MIND.

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The world is presumed to exist outside of us, and yet we merely experience its effects upon our consciousness. We truly experience only subjectively. Being conscious of anything, first and foremost implies being_conscious_of_being_conscious.

Reality exists only in so far as it exists for a conscious mind. Consciousness is manifested to itself as experience of reality. Any experience, before it signifies anything at all, firstly signifies the self, its subject and recipient.

Space and time exist as phenomena of the mind. It is onto their background that we cast our individual reconstructs of our common world.

Events matter to the extent that they bring about certain states of mind - it is only their impact upon the mind that makes them relevant. Under all and any circumstances we simply aim to attain subjective experience of a desired quality. Overwhelmingly, however, we presume it to stem from "the real, objective causes outside of ourselves."

Subjective experience does not require any proof; it is direct and self-validating. It is, therefore THE REALITY PROPER. It is more so a reality than our speculations as to the "real nature" of the objective factors that we presume to have produced it.

Every thought is hypothetical in that it presumes to reflect objective reality. Every thought is therefore arbitrary. Its essential precondition is one and the same, regardless of its purported content.

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