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Solution From the Past

Given that all of existence necessarily must posses a certain common aspect stemming from its most underlying foundation, it is logical to identify with all humanity, rather than to compete with one another like the animals. ďLoving thy neighborsĒ therefore makes perfect sense. Jesus Christ had the broadest perspective. He expressed it very effectively, and most humans accepted his ideas. The satanist elites, of course, did not accept it, because identifying with humanity wouldnít allow them to dominate all others. While considering themselves superior, they can easily falsify other humans, and to destroy them, if given a chance.

Once Jesus Christ became well known, popular acceptance of his values prevented open satanist dominance for thousands of years. As Christians, his followers rejected all interest loans, recognizing them as standard usury, and the Ancient Rome collapsed shortly thereafter. This is why the satanists from then on no longer claim to be gods or gurus, but only stay well hidden.

When people respond to no more than fear and greed, they easily fall into a stick and carrot type of manipulation. If seeking pleasure and avoiding pain is their main priority, it makes them fall straight into animalism, and become fully predictable.

A truly human alternative is to identify with all existence and to reach the most optimal concept, covering all there is. The span of our lifetime is minuscule from this perspective, so our ultimate values are therefore way beyond it. Given such a broad view, serving biological instincts is no longer an exclusive goal. Of course, physical needs always have to be maintained during a lifetime. While it is necessary, it should not be, however, the only priority. As physical beings, we will all die eventually, so focusing exclusively on our survival is a lost cause to begin with.

As conscious beings on the other hand, focusing on the ultimate values may well affect our permanent aspects on the eternal scale. If this is our human attitude, our intelligence will continue to grow, while animalistic instincts will remain only secondary. This is how we can restore our altruism and our ability to willingly cooperate. It can lead humanity to restore its independent survival skills and widespread self-sustenance, instead of being dominated from above.

Christ offered us the very best solution. Given that our social state is seriously deteriorating as of now, letís restore Christís values in a modern way, being fully recognizable as rational. To start with, letís first project his values onto our families and neighbors, particularly to young generations. Next, letís address all other people with the same ideas. Practicing and promoting Christian values actually has to continue throughout a lifetime. This is the only way to restore our current bondage.

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Andrzej Wodzianicki

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