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The Final Realm

Being shortsighted, we easily arrive at certain coincidental approaches as to the objective matters within our reach, considering them final and complete. These approaches may seem valid on some local level, but we should keep in mind that they are totally arbitrary, given that their further factors are potentially infinite and completely unknown. By expanding our knowledge, it is possible to keep fully reversing our views, time over time.

All science is always strictly local. Its theories used to change in the past quite drastically, and they will continue changing as broader realms are taken into account. Science will never be completely finished, because what underlies our present knowledge further out is always a total mystery. Regardless of scientific progress, further questions will keep occurring. Thus, in the ultimate sense, all possibilities are equally likely.

This is why focusing on the broadest perspective makes us realize that the most undoubted truth is our own subjective experience, rather than its objective interpretations.

Further objective interpretations may be practical here and now, but they will keep changing all the time when considered from broader realms, thus being always arbitrary and never fully final.

Thus, identifying with the inner type of individual experience becomes most obvious and fundamental. Once it happens, our deepest values and preferences surface up to become steadily active. Since no objective truth can ever be imposed as completely final, the most advanced human idealism is therefore perfectly valid.

Having confirmed that within the infinite realm only our conscious experience is primary and totally clear, we can also recognize that the supposed objectivity is nothing but its secondary content. This also leads us to acknowledge that other conscious beings must have the same primary essence, just like ourselves.

As a result, people can identify with each other and cooperate well, not disagreeing just because they have various views as to the local circumstances. By no longer falling into animalistic competitiveness, they wont succumb to the authorities who try to dominate everyone under the pretext of knowing the whole objective truth.

Regardless of various objective assumptions, acknowledging human feelings as most fundamental is what true spirituality is all about. The current civilization is far from it, but moving in this direction will eventually cause the most optimal human condition.

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