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Expanding Globalism

In the past, societies used to produce all things necessary for self sustenance. Thus, they were independent and free to establish their own cultures. As of now, most of them rely on various products from other parts of the world, which may be obtained only through western finance. To keep getting such finance, they must be the SYSTEM’S obedient servants.

All countries that still manage to sustain themselves without depending on western finance are subject to constant attacks. For these purposes, the globalist SYSTEM trains, sponsors and supports fascists, communists, zionists, terrorists or supposed antiterrorists. Despite their officially different ideologies, they all are equally antihuman, militarily murdering vast amounts of ordinary people.

Since getting direct benefits is the main goal for most westerners, they do not pay much attention with respect to broader politics. Thus, they accept common implications projected to them by the so-called “professional experts”. Under such excuses they easily ignore various western attacks and destructions against truly independent countries.

Not too long ago Russia and China used to be independent, and their societies were capable of sustaining themselves on their own. Under communism imposed from the West, they lost millions of traditional citizens, mostly their intellectuals being accused as supposed capitalists.

As of now, however, both Russia and China cooperate well with the western capitalists. Currently, they rely on international trading and western finance. Their populations depend largely on international corporations. Their seemingly post communist governments keep repressing their societies just as severely as before.

Communism always destroys any country’s independent economy under anti-capitalist excuses. Thus, it makes them fully subservient to the West. President Putin, for example, was put in, to put Russia into Globalism. Such putting in was clearly not Russian.

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