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Dividing to Conquer

Scientific and technological progress should give societies more free time and security. Yet, under various official excuses, societies actually end up being busier and more insecure. Most people have to do more work and pay more taxes, while having fewer advantages and no guarantees. This amounts to progress strictly for the elites.

It is easy for the SYSTEM to control individuals who are isolated and shortsighted, whereas it is difficult to dominate strongly devoted groups that support themselves, communicate well, and cooperate having their own skills and values. This is why the elites want to undermine and destroy authentic connections of traditional families. Their major way of doing so is by separating generations.

Distracted by TV, internet, smartphones, iPads, constant advertising and an overwhelming amount of junk mail, young generations are not fully able to arrive at their own judgments or to communicate deeply. They only listen well to those on whom they are socially dependent, such as their teachers or bosses. Once this is over, at the most they exchange superficial phrases while seeking access to immediate fun and entertainment.

Previous generations used to recognize very subtle implications and analyze them fully to reach their own independent conclusions. As of now, due to distractions and shortsightedness, the most obvious truths must be repeated many times before being publicly acknowledged. Only the media can do it effectively.

The end result is that most young people do not arrive at their own judgments, and do not initiate any common goals. Instead, they remain manipulable from above. Because they are not deeply in touch with other generations, they do not realize just how drastically different they happen to be with respect to the past.

Back in the distant past, males were able to support their wives, who were in turn focusing on raising children. Nowadays, in spite of great technological and economic advancements, most husbands and wives tend to work simultaneously, often doing extra jobs.

Consequently, they are not regularly in touch with their children, as in the old days. The children end up being affected by the SYSTEM instead. Their schools advise them that they should call the police if they are abused by their parents. This is the reason young kids tend to discover that they can challenge their parents, rather than remain loyal and respectful with respect to them. On some occasions, some of them actually manipulate their parents in this way for their short term pleasures.

As a result, generations easily end up being out of touch. Youngsters generally do not follow values established over the years by their previous generations. Instead, they easily absorb implications associated with entertainment, designed for them from above. Typical movies, video games, TV programs and school agendas all give them plenty of divisive ideas. The SYSTEM makes them idealize fights and competition. It also promotes homosexuality, feminism, abortions, casual relationships and divorces as easy options. As family structures collapse, social manipulation thrives and expands.

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