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Scientific Subjugation

The most effective way to dominate the minds of western societies is through science. Science is a truly impressive, professional way of detecting, testing, and utilizing the natural correlations that happen to be in the local part of reality within our access. It leads to a whole range of sophisticated ideas and practical solutions, including many industrial products that people easily depend upon.

Societies generally do not realize that science is a certain extension of our local knowledge, just as incomplete in the final sense as ever. They tend to absorb current scientific assumptions as ultimately valid, rather than viewing them independently and recognizing that they are strictly conditional in a larger sense.

Science is, of course, very broad and advanced as of now. No one can absorb all scientific data, which is why most people keep repeating its standard terms established by scientific experts as education.

The supreme authorities who finance most science are thus in position to project to societies their intended dogmas, which they manage to associate with chosen scientific theories, aside from actual scientific data.

Thus, the current societies tend to accept an implicit self-negation stemming from materialism, assuming that scientists possess complete knowledge which covers virtually everything. As a result, they no longer use their own judgments with respect to reality at large.

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