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Religious Repressions

Across all infinity and eternity, something most fundamental must exist, warranting virtually everything, including the local part of the world within our access. This is what God is all about. Of course, it is beyond human reach, so we have no specific knowledge about God - only faith. However, focusing on infinite potentials eventually allows us to reach our most universal spiritual values. Therefore, all societies should be aware that relating independently to reality as a whole is the most optimal option available to everyone.

Being spiritually developed, we can have clear judgments as to all social events, because of our direct access to natural human values. However, the hidden elites want to dominate our world by imposing their doctrines. In order to appear as a supreme authority, they nullify human values by suppressing authentic religions. They do so in many different ways, promoting human shortsightedness and implying that science covers virtually everything.

Being spiritually repressed, humans have no access to their nature and do not respond independently to social events. Instead, they accept authoritarian commands as valid under the scientific, historical, or pseudo-religious dogmas.

In western countries many people tend to go to church not for actual spirituality, but for social reasons. Religious ideas are being presented to them in literal ways as standard truths. As such, they do not seem logical. They can make perfect sense only if taken abstractly.

Most upper level clergies rely on money, thus being subservient with respect to the financial SYSTEM. At present, official Christianity is therefore dominated from above. Yes, churches keep repeating the ancient religious statements, but most are no different than standard corporations. Rather than helping people to restore their egalitarian nature, current religions act as authorities that have an exclusive access to God.

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