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The Western World

Most of the people in current western societies do not know history, nor do they care about it. They are overwhelmed by excessive information coming from everywhere. Under the pretext of freedom of speech, endless brainwashing is taking place. The media provides them with many different topics, aside from what is most relevant. In light of such distractions, people have little means of assessing what is actually going on.

Western governments can afford to support their alleged critics because their populations are well controlled and mostly unresponsive. Some critics are covered by the media and being financed. In this manner the SYSTEM can easily establish what percentage of various populations is against them, and how to handle it in advance.

This supposedly democratic SYSTEM actually establishes various supposedly independent political organizations. In this way it has a secret access to them from the inside. It controls them from above and neutralizes their activities, thus preventing development of truly independent opponents. Citizens who tend to join such organizations are then asked to contribute money.

Of course, most people do not focus much on what they hear anyway. Given their busy lifestyle and short term priorities, analyzing fully all that is being presented would take too much of their time. They end up ignoring not only the vast propaganda, but also the highly relevant broad subjects that some others may wish to discuss with them. Because they themselves do not focus on general topics, over time they subconsciously tend to absorb all the clichés that the media keeps repeating most often.

For most people, repeating standard media clichés is an easier way of connecting with others, rather than engaging jointly in thorough analysis of the subject matter. Despite their seemingly courteous relationships, they tend to compete socially, so they do not really trust one another much. Outsmarting others for the sake of more income is considered the greatest wisdom. Doing so, however, requires appearing as a competent professional expert. Thus, knowing a lot of standard propaganda is in their interest. This is why even the most intelligent people easily accept being brainwashed as a great advantage.

Living in western societies, people almost never fully develop their true personalities with psychological state of wellbeing. Their automatic responding to the immediate needs is totally predictable, though officially announced as their freedom. Of course, as average citizens, they are not aware that their typical tendencies are being controlled, because most of the population is affected in the same way as well.

By conforming to the mainstream standards, citizens are formally regarded as reasonable and rational. Human spontaneity and uniqueness are not really appreciated. Those who are not restricted are considered by the suppressed societies as strange weirdoes. As a result, many people actually feel frustrated on a deeply subconscious level, regardless of their wealth and social status.

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