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Financial Dominance

Money is, of course, artificially made and therefore really worthless. Nevertheless, presently it is desired by nearly each individual, because all others desire it as well, having been convinced over the centuries that it is equivalent to all valuable items. Having money is therefore a short term advantage for individuals, allowing them to acquire various desired products. The disadvantage is that those who create and distribute money, in the long run manipulate politics, economies, and social conditions. Thus, the supposedly democratic modern countries fully depend on the hidden financial elites.

Being in charge of finances allows the elites to control most of humanity through bribing. They want everyone to do virtually everything that they demand. Thus, over time, they make societies short sighted, superficial, and desiring immediate pleasures.

On the other hand, societies that have their own values, long term goals, broad concepts and ability to cooperate, are not likely to be bribed. The satanists therefore destroy such societies whenever they can.

In the present era most western people never become self-sustaining and truly independent. From their birth on, they are presented with various enticements, causing them to desire sophisticated products and services. Given the social circumstances, they cannot produce them on their own, so they become subservient to the domineering tribe.

In order to obtain what we desire, we have to serve the SYSTEM by earning money. Learning skills to make money seems great, but it causes us to depend on artificial circumstances controlled by the financial elites, rather than knowing how to stay alive independently by relating to nature on our own.

From then on, we must do what we are told by our supposed superiors (experts, bosses, etc), without questioning them or evaluating the long term consequences of their demands. If we do exactly what we are told, we earn more money, but it makes us even more subject with respect to those who are truly in charge.

Rich people currently have great possessions. In order to keep them, they need to continue being rich. Being rich is not a matter of practicing individual preferences, but being subservient to the financial SYSTEM, and staying competitive with respect to all others.

Thus, rich people never really reach the sense of security, which would allow them to focus independently on reality at large, and to arrive at their most natural values. Their true inner values never surface up. No matter how wealthy they become, they always strive to maintain and to deepen their financial status, rather than having inherent human perspectives. Their strict focus on competition is no more than compliance with animalistic instincts.

The ancient domineering SYSTEM is in charge of central banks, where money is made out of nothing, and entered into circulation as interest-bearing loans. Money is most easily available to the totally obedient sycophants who do not identify with humanity, but carry out the SYSTEM’S demands without being concerned about damaging the countries in which they happen to reside. All others are subject to more strict financial terms. They get fewer loans, run lesser businesses, and make less profit. In contrast, those who try to be truly free and independent get no financial support whatsoever.

The supposedly democratic western governments do not create their own money to run successful economies for their nations. Instead, they depend on manipulative financing by the central banks. As a result, their nations fall deeply into debt, becoming more under control of the globalist SYSTEM.

Although competing businesses are generally considered free and independent, they are actually controlled on a larger scale. While running a business, being successful or not is simply a matter of having access to finance, regardless of professional skills.

The financial elites either give loans to their clients or refuse to do so. Their subtle manipulations are key factors affecting politics and economies, despite a whole range of great efforts on part of many others. Who gets loans, how much, how often, and on what terms is being decided privately and informally, producing major consequences.

Shortsighted business thinkers tend to assume that they themselves are in charge, while not recognizing that the circumstances to which they have to adjust are set up by the financial elites. Yes, they may be making more money, but unknowingly, they must uphold and promote the overall social and psychological terms designed beyond their knowledge.

We are dominated by the hidden elites, who have accumulated a great deal of social experience over the centuries. Knowing human psychology, they control societies by making them increasingly more shortsighted and prone to impulsive desires.

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