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Origins of Where We Stand

Generally, surviving is the number one priority. If the environment is purely natural, as humans we can easily be in charge of it, securing our survival and establishing total freedom.

However, if the environment is artificially manipulated, it is no longer natural. We can never control it or be certain about our future. In order to survive, we can only keep responding to the unexpectedly created events. Our priorities and preferences start changing, depending on the circumstances no longer determined by ourselves. Adjusting to such environment never allows us to establish independent human values.

This is how the so called “modern civilization” is affecting us now. Presently it is by far more profound, then how it used to be over the previous centuries.

Throughout eons of prehistory we only needed to deal with the stable conditions of our natural world. Eventually, however, our species became overpopulated, which turned things around quite dramatically. From then on, survival got to be more challenging. Competing and dominating others become more common, and wars started to occur.

Of course, one human tribe had to end up being the most successful under these new conditions. It had to be the one which would allow its animalistic instincts become the number one priority. Yet, if historical records are correct, its success resulted not from being brave warriors, but from applying clever deceitfulness to all others. This is what satanism is all about.

Its true objectives were well hidden. Its members used to enter other populations as alleged helpers, eventually dominating them and directing towards slavery. They manipulated others, finally causing them to suffer and die.

Since they were not into individual freedom, they worked jointly as instructed from above, creating advanced solutions and highly desired products. The products were then being offered to other tribes, causing them to experience immediate pleasures, and to fall into deep dependence.

Becoming addicted to such offers from then on, various communities used to focus strictly on their immediate desires. In order to receive what they craved, they needed to submit to the financial terms initiated by the satanist SYSTEM. In the end, they would become total servants, living under the circumstances that dominated their minds.

Over time, the satanists perfected their skills. As hidden competitors, they eventually become most successful, considering themselves at the top of pyramidal hierarchy. By then, they were no longer hiding, but presenting themselves as kings or gods. Their focus was strictly on local advantages, rather than relating to reality as a whole.

Their alleged gods where no more than some supposed species from a different planet. Given their narrow perspective, the satanists did not identify with all of humanity, but considered themselves special and superior. This is why deceiving and destroying others still continues to be their well accepted standard routine.

According to historical records, they were apparently first established in Sumeria, then, over thousands of years, they continued to move through Egypt, Israel, Greece, Rome, and finally into England, eventually controlling all of western Europe as masons and illuminati’s.

Because England is an island, they could not be easily attacked by any European nations. Instead, over the centuries, they caused England to keep attacking traditional societies of Africa, America, Asia and Australia. First, they were destroying them militarily, and later restructuring them into financially dependent colonies.

This is how the British Empire submitted all continents to the satanists, currently known as the globalists. As of now, they continue to dominate the world through the bilderberg groups, and try to establish the New World Order using their financial monopoly.

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