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Spiritual Self-sustenance

As we used to live in the natural world during prehistory, no constant distractions or brainwashing were ever taking place. Having satisfied our basic needs, human minds would then spontaneously move towards the most essential questions:

What is reality all about? Beyond local facts that are quite obvious, what constitutes their foundation? And, if we discover it, what is its next more underlying foundation further out? As we keep broadening our perspective, what is further out again and again, time after time? What is most infinite and eternal? What primary source warrants virtually all that exists? How should we relate to it? In what way are we part of total reality, each as an individual consciousness? And finally, what makes the ultimate sense on the broadest scale?

Unlike other species, humans can try to discover the most fundamental truth. Given the total, all inclusive reality, we all are a part of it, both physically and consciously. If we recognize this obvious fact, we can start identifying with virtually everyone, as part of all existence.

It is absolutely crucial to keep in mind that nothing objective can be established by any human authority as to the ultimate truth. Then, we can start projecting with respect to it our very own, most independent subtle preferences from within. They will easily surface up, because from then on no one will dominate our minds. Being truly spiritual means awakening our innermost nature.

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