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The Self-Controlling Minds

For all species survival is, by default, adapting to the environmental conditions. This is why responding to the immediate biological needs tends to affect our mentality quite automatically, unless we choose to stay in charge of it.

In order to repudiate this animalistic default, and to develop in the direction of the chosen options, humans can set up a preferred type of environment for themselves. Unlike animals which only respond to their immediate surroundings, humans can purposely alter their local environments.

Since local environments are not always under full control, there is also another option available to all humans at any time. To enhance their tendency to grow psychologically in the direction of their choice, they can regularly keep repeating certain selected phrases which helps them to assimilate their chosen ideas. In this way, their desired associations become a steady routine for their minds.

Practicing these deliberate habits reinforces the desired associations on the subconscious level. This is why our human character can develop as intended, rather than being mostly determined by the external events. It amounts to development of mental tendencies, as if they were imposed by the local environment. This is the reason why traditional prayers are perfectly rational for the purpose of carrying out one’s chosen self-development.

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