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Progression of Knowledge

Initially, we resolve certain physical aspects of our environment for the purposes of surviving and functioning most effectively. It gives us a profound knowledge of the major facets characterizing our world, including how they function and how to adjust to them, creating highly advanced products with sophisticated tools. The focus here is on the local truths leading to practical solutions. Officially it is called science.

Upon reaching more maturity we want to combine all of reality within our reach. Here the objective is to ascertain the overall rule unifying our environment. It may be interpreted in many different ways, so the idea is to summarize its relevant aspects and to relate to them most rationally. The focus here is on the broader level of the truth. Officially it is called philosophy.

Eventually we may arrive at full maturity and start focusing on the total reality, including not only our local realm but also everything else beyond it. Exploring infinite potentials to establish a proper relationship with the most primary source that warrants virtually all existence allows us to reawaken our fundamental nature. Having such intellectual attitude is pure spirituality. Here the focus is on the most permanent, all inclusive universal truth. Officially it is called religion.

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