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Social Being vs. Consciousness

Relating strictly to the local environment is no more than short term adaptation to current conditions. However, relating in addition to the broadest realm makes human psyche develop much more profoundly in all directions. Based on our deepest nature, we get to consider a vast number of conceivable options, eventually selecting the very best ones without any restrictions. Then, our minds are in touch with the essential values and remain totally free, regardless of what may dominate us locally.

Given that consciousness can possibly constitute an inner aspect of energy, these vast ideas may well be much more than simple subjective impressions. They may actually influence various realms of the surrounding social reality. Having common values can produce corresponding social conditions for societies that happen to uphold them.

Thus, defining total existence most idealistically is better by far than recognizing only its local portion. If this is the case, despite Marxist dogmas, the local conditions do not have to dominate our consciousness. Nothing within the social environment has to affect our broadest assumptions. On the contrary, over time our broadest assumptions can actually affect the social environment. Marxist hostility with respect to religions is therefore fully understandable.

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