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Similarities over Differences

Focusing on the broadest dimension means recognizing an essential sameness of all things. Similarities become then most critical, while differences turn out to be superficial. Of course, from local human perspectives, various differences may be widespread and exceedingly huge on many levels. We cannot ascertain their ultimate extent, because their range beyond our access may be vastly greater than what we manage to conceive.

However, given that there is only one total reality, the entire range of differences must be nullified by the most supreme unification, making everything one and the same on the broadest level. Thus, despite not knowing the full spectrum of differences, we can justifiably claim that virtually all is combined together as a single entity. A certain deepest essence unifies all there is, including ourselves and all things known and unknown, no matter how extensive the differences may be.

It is therefore reasonable for us to identify with everything, as all things are parts of one totality. Approaching reality as an all-inclusive whole requires keeping in mind the universal sameness of all things, no matter how abstract it may be in light of the local circumstances.

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