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End Results of Ultimate Assumptions

With respect to local matters, all assumptions are, of course, either right or wrong in the objective sense. But, given that nothing can be objectively confirmed or ruled out as far as the potentially infinite level, anyone has the same, equally valid right to make about it their very own subjective assumptions. Any such assumption may or may not be correct, but whether it is or isn’t cannot be established.

Therefore, no one has the right to officially approve or to put down our broadest assumptions. All sages and highly esteemed gurus, such as popes, scientists, governors and so forth, are just as free to make their own individual guesses as other people. Concerning the most supreme truth, no human authority can provide us with any objective evidence whatsoever.

Since the grandest realm of reality is under a constant question mark, nothing concrete on the local level can be considered permanent or ultimately valid. The local conditions are not binding or dominant. They only provide practical solutions. When general ideas go much further out without any limits, the most primary human nature surfaces up unrestrictedly.

Humans who mange to focus on the most fundamental truth, over time cover all conceivable options. Given that none of the endless possibilities can be objectively confirmed, focusing on them can only be theoretical. Thus, the most crucial, fully supreme essence of reality does not impose upon us any external pressures. Instead, it allows us to discover and activate our most universal, inner human values.

If we manage to focus on reality as a whole, our minds move towards freedom and do not get suppressed by any local restrictions. The broadest, most infinite level is then addressed by the deepest part of our mentality. We analyze it independently, and as a result, our most inner values emerge from within and become crystal clear.

Despite the uniqueness of individual personalities, the most inner human values turn out to be common for all, as they happen to address a single, most supreme common truth. Since human minds are then no longer affected by external pressures, they reach their deepest level of consciousness, which is universal to all. Once people arrive at such universal values, they are closely in touch with one another. As we focus on the all-inclusive essence, we start identifying with everyone, and our attitude becomes fully altruistic. Thus, on the most profound, ultimately mysterious level "great minds think alike".

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