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The Most Essential Truth

Having reached maturity, the ancient people knew most of their local surrounding. They were relating to their environment effectively, being able to predict well its standard tendencies. They no longer needed to focus exclusively on surviving, as by then their survival skills were well established and quite routine. This is why their main interest drifted from focusing on the local scale to the overall nature of reality.

Thus, truly mature people always recognize the most permanent condition facing all humans: there is a totally unknown, potentially infinite broader realm which warrants virtually everything, including all things within our access. All obvious facts are contingent upon the unknown factors further out. The correlations that we recognize locally as standard facts can be given countless, conceivably opposite assumptions as to their more essential sources. As a result, having major interest as to the supreme factor underlying all existence becomes the enchanting priority for the most advanced human minds.

Being confident about their standard survival skills, the ancient humans used to reach this new priority. Due to their intellectual awakening, they were no longer short-sighted but stayed fascinated with the ultimate truth. Being alive, having thoughts, feelings, sensations, and access to a certain local portion of the world, constitutes an unrelenting mystery stemming from the greater realm. Assessing it and relating to it is a true spiritual awakening. Once achieved, it lasts over a lifetime.

We are a unique species. Given that in the old days our intellectual surplus was well above securing our survival, we had a constant desire to know what further reality is all about. Back then, metaphysical concerns were not just a rare interest of certain experts, but a fairly common focus for all. Curiosity as to reality as a whole, including our mysterious role within it, used to fascinate pretty much everyone.

Knowing that we don’t know what really underlies all that we do know, directed us quite automatically towards making unlimited assumptions about this fascinating issue. It continues to be a major interest for independent thinkers at present as well. However, because by definition, whatever defines it most supremely is not within our empirical reach, it can only be a matter of faith.

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