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History under Doubt

Knowing a true history would be truly awakening. However, history cannot be fully known. Even the most recent events presented to the public may be viewed in totally opposite ways from different perspectives. Common knowledge is based on how consistently certain interpretations are being imposed, rather than how fairly and accurately they were actually established.

Experiencing events directly allows us to analyze them within their context. By acknowledging what tends to be associated with given events, we can establish broader patterns. Thus, having direct experience leads us to assess general principles.

Accepting alleged facts coming from the authorities does not allow us to reach our own conclusions. Lack of access to the broader context forces us to absorb strictly what is being presented. By falling into such habit, we no longer make independent judgments.

Any historical event can be presented in diverse ways. Some of its aspects may be exaggerated, while others may be downgraded and ignored. For example, aggressors who initiate wars may be portrayed as defenders, whereas actual victims as aggressors.

Only the winners define history - we just know what they pass on to us, while many other significant factors remain totally in the dark. As a result, what we accept as the greatest human achievements corresponds to the past victories of those who presently dominate our world.

It makes no sense to accept official projections of history as indisputable facts. At best, we should reach much broader views, and to arrive at the most general principles to ascertain our true human nature.

The standard history covers no more than about ten thousand years, becoming progressively more unverifiable in the distant past. However, our true nature is the result of evolving for millions of years outside of the current civilization.

Having a habit of thorough self-contemplation is a much better way of discovering our most profound human nature than accepting the alleged truths from the authorities. If not for social distractions, our access to the most fundamental truth would be direct and straightforward. Thus, focusing independently on the most primary rules makes perfect sense for us. Uncovering individually our deepest connections with pure nature is by far the best way to establish what our human essence is all about.

By probing deeply into our own self-awareness, we can get to know the nature of our psyche, and find out in what way the present manipulations affect our standard beliefs. Then, using common sense, we can recognize our most essential characteristics stemming from prehistory, rather than accepting mostly dubious historical implications.

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