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My existence is characterized by its primary subjective component. It has an overall quality of being received, as a stream of conscious experience. As such, first and foremost it feels. It makes sense only secondarily. My feelings are the most direct and most compelling evidence of my Being. They require no external reference. They are significant in and of themselves. They are of an absolute nature. In fact, they constitute my self-validating reality.

My thoughts, on the other hand, are neutral as such. They operate in a bubble of ultimate ignorance of what lies outside of them. The schemes they create are based on arbitrary assumptions which cannot be tested. Alternative or outright contrary postulates can always be advanced concerning what precedes the world knowable by thoughts. They all hold equal validity.

Thoughts refer to the outside world and its interpretations. Therefore, they are invariably subject to duality. They have a relative nature. They recognize relationships among parts, but are incapable of generating independent preferences or criteria of choice. Instead, they always remain at the service of feelings, which empower them. You cannot reason on purely conceptual basis why something should, or should not be done. An implicit reference to a basic desire is always necessary.

Thoughts merely provide us with an organizational framework for the more primary feelings. They speculate as to the nature of the various external factors which, because of their correlation with subjective feelings, are presumed to be causal with respect to them.

Thoughts look for what stands behind feelings, what is responsible for their qualitative or quantitative changes, and how these changes may be effected in desired ways. Only this makes thoughts relevant. Therefore, I recognize that:


Once a thought comes to recognize its own absurdity, liberation is at hand.


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