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The RELATIVE TRUTHS are in effect and remain valid only at specific times and places. These truths are mutable; the very specificity of a point in time and space necessitates changes. Given markedly altered conditions, relative truths may be replaced with their exact opposites.

There are also GENERAL TRUTHS. These truths are so deeply self-evident that most often they are not recognized. They apply uniformly at all places and at all times. They unify all that exists. They cannot be altered.

GENERAL TRUTHS are universal. They underlie all our concepts, but do not fit into any single one. Since they cannot be contrasted against anything, they are not being defined. Thus, they are not acknowledged, but taken for granted by default on a subconscious level.

Local, temporary RELATIVE TRUTHS do not negate GENERAL TRUTHS. They simply obscure their obvious validity by causing distractions for the local observers. While tuning into a faint, distant frequency wouldn't you need to tune out all the local noise and static first?

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