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Do you know that neither time nor space can have any conceivable borderlines? Once you become aware of the consequences of this infinite potential, you will recognize that the basic foundation underlying all human knowledge is an everlasting question mark.

Given that the most essential truth cannot be established by anyone, every assumption about the broadest scale of existence is equivalent. Since there are no human authorities regarding the underlying basis of reality, we as individuals can assign to it an infinite number of various broader contexts. Of course, not one of them can be confirmed, but just the same, not one may be ruled out.

While the possibilities are virtually endless, something very specific must nevertheless underlie all existence, warranting fundamental laws and principles, and allowing our world to be just what it is.

And since the objective criteria as to the broadest spectrum of existence are not accessible to anyone, we all have an absolute right to rely on our subjective criteria. As far as things most essential, you are therefore perfectly entitled to make your individual assumptions through your own intuition. Clearly, no one else on earth has a better way of establishing such things.

The presently prevailing world view sponsored by the existing global system is no more than one random approach to a local part of the world – one of many possible ones, although not at all in our human interest but exactly to the contrary.

This is why the final truth ought to be determined not through this alien approach, but rather by the essential values inborn most deeply into our very nature.

In practice, however, the initial assumptions which dominate our psyches are actually imposed from above. As a result, we tend to succumb to a specified relationship with reality. We communicate in a predefined way, and we function in a prescribed manner.

These assumptions are not being accepted thoughtfully or purposely by societies. On the contrary, in an overwhelming way populations tend to accept them implicitly and subconsciously.

Of course, all primary assumptions are arbitrary, because they all lack objective criteria. However, they always have a certain critical impact upon the human psyche, affecting individuals as well as societies.

This impact may be radically different. It may support and strengthen humanity, or it may undermine and deprave it, on the other hand. It can assign certain positive qualities to the supreme realm of reality, or it can negate it all together.

For instance, according to Christ, God is our common Father. God is, of course, the very foundation of all reality as well. This is why people can identify with the broadest realm of existence. Because of making such identification, human beings become independent of the local realm. If you relate mostly to the grandest hyper dimension, the conditions of your local environment will not dominate your psyche.

Additionally, from the perspective of all encompassing spectrum, we all are part of one common source. On the most fundamental level we are therefore one and the same. What follows as a logical consequence is the recognition of our most essential common characteristics. Thus, aside from superficial differences, we all are subject to the same type of basic human qualities.

In the final sense, we should therefore identify with everyone, which is equivalent to loving thy neighbors. As a result, a universal inter-human unity will be established, without repressing individual differences.

Thus, from the broadest perspective, the essential similarities count the most, rather than the differences.

However, given the opposite orientation, people recognize only the local realm. Then, the number one priority is satisfying instinctive impulses.

To satisfy impulses effectively on a limited scale, one has to outsmart others. Those who do it well, and therefore consider themselves sober and rational, are nevertheless of limited mentality.

A belief that the only existence is just what appears within the scope of human perception is not only ignorant, but arrogant as well.

This is actually an animalistic tendency, having been inculcated into our mindsets by the satanists, who have been trying to dominate humanity in this way for millennia. By recognizing the local realm exclusively, we become psychologically subservient to the conditions that prevail within this narrow range.

These conditions can be easily altered by the powers that be. This is why the well financed, sneaky manipulators proclaim that ‘social being determines consciousness’, zeroing in, of course, on the social surrounding.

The unfortunate tribe, which has been brainwashed by the satanists since the ancient times, likes to feel exalted and separated form the rest of humanity. These people consider themselves mostly chosen, or outright superhuman. Since they lack the broad scale all-unifying concepts, they regard others as manipulable objects rather than sovereign subjects.

Their supposed wisdom amounts to relentless competition, which they camouflage with pretentiousness and falsifications. This is why they can hardly be open and sincere. And any domineering tyrant can instantly become for them a local god of their type.

Clearly, given a narrow perspective, the superficial differences count by far more than the things in common.

Thus, various types of initial assumptions cause humans to develop drastically different attitudes, producing very critical consequences. Unfortunately, humanity is not aware of the fact that it is perfectly fine to make one’s own primary choices freely and independently. For most people, the assumptions that have been instilled through their subconsciousness are absolute truths. Therefore, they can only keep confirming them, not knowing that just as easily they may be changed or improved.

This is why the plutocrats who dominate the world, purposely drill into human minds degrading suggestions. This, over time, makes further societies more trivial and servile with respect to them as well. This is also the reason why we are being greatly impacted by the notion of materialism, instilling into our minds a major sense of self-negation, prescribed by the scientific authorities.

In spite of it all, we should always remember that nothing may be defined objectively as the final nature of reality. Therefore, choosing the primary assumptions must be done independently, apart from agitations by the globalist SYSTEM.

In order to do it well, we should simply develop a regular habit of going mentally into the infinite spectrum beyond the local realm. Our purely immaculate, undisturbed inclinations, most deeply ingrained in our very nature, will then be restored and made accessible.

The Realm Unknown encompasses, of course, an infinite spectrum of potentials. Nevertheless, if you think independently, you will realize that it is most reasonable to relate to the entire reality, including the Realm Unknown, because the final truth may only reign on this all-inclusive level.

An honest and thorough analysis of the infinite realm is exactly the same as what we used to recognize over the centuries as a prayer to God. Making one’s own choices with respect to the unlimited potentials amounts to a full self-realization. This way we are no longer subject to the instilled impairments. Instead, we are capable of discovering universal values purely on our own. As a result, we become able to fully realize the highest ideals with no mistakes or compromises.

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