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Although TOTAL REALITY is unknown, it must necessarily exist, because there can only be one reality which encompasses absolutely everything. And since it is beyond our perception, it is therefore truly objective.

Every human being has access only to a certain LOCAL REALM of total_reality. This access takes place through human perception. Contrary to a common belief, the content of perception is not the presumed reality, but merely its reflection. It is therefore truly subjective.

Given that total_reality is potentially infinite, our human perception covers no more than a certain local_realm. It cannot define the ultimate_totality in any measure, regardless of how broad it may be. Human knowledge, no matter how extensive or scientifically advanced, is always finite, suspended within a larger REALM UNKNOWN. It covers no more than an incommensurable fragment of the total_reality.

Every specific answer we may establish here on the local scale opens up more questions concerning the broader spectrum beyond our access. Despite our advanced scientific knowledge, we currently do not know what surrounds clusters of galaxies or what underlies subatomic particles. And once we find out about it by further advancing our knowledge, the questions as to the more underlying foundations will still persist.

There is no way of knowing what constitutes the foundation giving rise to the most basic natural laws we are aware of. Regardless of the correlations we detect on the empirical level, their further bases are always an unrelenting mystery.

At the current stage we know of space and time, of matter and energy, and most plainly of course, of our own conscious experience. However, our knowledge always fades away at some level. We simply do not know the underlying factors that warrant these essential truths.

Clearly, the local_realm covered by our perception is not complete, independent, or self-sustaining. It is just a fragment of the greater whole, contingent upon things unknown.

Given that no specific boundary can be established about the realm beyond our access, this realm is potentially infinite. This is why human beings routinely create various assumptions concerning this realm, and consider it GOD.

Since there is no way to absorb all contents of infinity, everyone's assumptions about God are unverifiable, and therefore equal. Because nothing can be empirically confirmed or ruled out about the ultimate realm, virtually everything within it is potentially possible. Yet a denial of its necessary existence would be most erroneous and illogical.

Any type of approach to the available local dimension is based upon broader assumptions, established a priori. Depending on the kind of implicit FAITH concerning the grandest realm, diametrically opposite attitudes may result with respect to our world, being the immediate surrounding.

Since the assumptions about total_reality are objectively unverifiable, they are no more than faith, equally valid/invalid, whether individual, collective, religious, scientific, or authoritarian in any manner.

Given that the most supreme, essential and permanent truth is beyond human knowledge, no human authority is entitled to proclaim anything specific as being ultimate and primary in the objective sense. With respect to the broadest dimension, opinions of an Einstein, a John Doe, or even of a common halfwit are entirely equivalent.

Thus, the relationship with God is purely personal. All people are indeed truly free and equal with respect to total_reality. They have an inalienable right to establish and uphold their own subjective assumptions about the infinite realm which does not offer any objective criteria.

Our objective knowledge is ever conditional. Given the unknown larger context, all empirically established truths may possibly be nullified or even fully reversed at some point, in light of certain conditions on a grander scale. All options are therefore available, and human beings can justifiably believe in any of their chosen, most idealistic visions, regardless of the conditions prevailing here and now.

Knowing that the assumptions about the realm_unknown affect our most basic attitudes, we may create them intentionally, for the sake of forming the most optimal relationship with the surrounding reality.

The most appropriate assumption, telling us how to best relate to the local_realm, is a direct IDENTIFICATION with TOTAL REALITY. This way we can feel in common with absolutely everyone, and have no fear whatsoever as to the realm_unknown.

This approach will produce an optimal social development of valuing and supporting everyone collectively, individually, and mutually. Selecting the most positive attitude with respect to the ultimate reality is an ultimate wisdom indeed. If undisturbed, it arises spontaneously from the greatest depth of human psyche.

Unfortunately, in the present civilization we adopt by default suggestions imposed from above by the domineering lot. As they seep into our subconsciousness, these suggestions emphasize only the local context, implicitly denying the ultimate realm. Our minds then tend to equate infinity with zero, making us strictly subservient to the local SYSTEM.

Recognition of the infinite perspective as REALITY does not impose upon you any dogmas. The complete range of potentials is neutral overall, allowing you to make unrestricted projections from within. Since the broadest realm is unknown, your relationship with it may be defined freely by you, based on your intrinsic values. Such self-definition will lead your development in the intended, consciously chosen direction. From then on, your principles rule - and this is truly human.

However, recognizing as REALITY nothing other than the local perspective implies that adjusting to it is the only wisdom. Instilling this approach into human mentality is very much in the interest of the SYSTEM. Once it goes into effect, people are controlled simply by manipulation of social conditions from the top down.

This is why the elites want you to forget your deep inner values, and to give up your spirituality, based on your awareness of the broader realm. If you do so, you will become shortsighted, and never able to determine anything essential about yourself.

To adapt to the local circumstances you will only need to comply with the provided rules and regulations. Responding automatically to the stick and carrot pattern will then become your supreme motto. Of course, this current type of human self-negation is a giant step towards animalism.

Thus, for the sake of our fundamental right of self-definition, we should NOT allow the repressive globalist SYSTEM to impose upon us its preemptive pseudoscientific dogmas, whether being indoctrinated overtly by official statements, or covertly by subtle implications.

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