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Conclusions Over Lifetime (3)

The most obvious and complete truth is any individual consciousness. Its fundamental source is not known, however. Consciousness may depend on some other aspects further out, or it may be the final source on its own, fully self-defining.

All of objective reality is available only thru consciousness, which is why it is secondary. This is also the reason why any consciousness may acknowledge itself as being most primary and independent.

Any consciousness, however, can create a completely endless number of different assumptions. If a large number of conscious beings tend to assume that their portion of objective reality is a completely total and final truth, it may strengthen and maintain their available area, such as our local world. As a result, however, such conscious beings would keep becoming progressively more dependent and subservient to the so called objectivity.

Having a much broader view and acknowledging that completely different possibilities are equally likely within total existence beyond the local area, any such consciousness may establish its most perfect and optimal standard assumption.

Any major assumption could affect the type of additional rebirth. Rather than being restored as more subservient to the same physical world, a truly competent consciousness will select its deepest and very best option as to the infinite part of reality. Such a selection is therefore much better than simply depending on the local circumstances.

Regardless of different possibilities, the broadest assumption is the very best faith, given that consciousness may actually move in its chosen direction and make it for itself the final truth.


As far as what will happen to individuals after dying, no one can establish as a scientific truth. Nothing about it can be objectively confirmed or ruled out, so absolutely every human statement is no more than a possible assumption. As to this issue, however, something concrete must happen nevertheless.

Given that the total reality is potentially infinite, all infinite assumptions are absolutely equal. However, despite many huge differences within the total reality, something completely common must be within all of it just as well. Total reality is what it is, because all of its greatly different types are related on the most essential common level. Such most total aspect is absolutely everywhere, also being available to us within our local world. Nevertheless, it may be something totally abstract. It cannot be established objectively, given that we never have access to what is completely total.

Given the endless possibilities, it makes perfect sense for our consciousness to make the very best type of assumptions. Our most strongly established preferences may well take place after the current lifetime.

Hoping to be reborn again in the same world is not a real progress, however. It shows the lack of broader ideas, and the simple assumption that our current dependence of standard objectivity must be absolutely necessary. Of course, such possibility can be confirmed, because of our current access to the local world. Nevertheless, it is just a tiny part of totality, and only one of the potentially infinite number of options.

Thinking in such way may well cause being reborn either as a human or as an animal in the local area. It would not cause, however, anyone’s deeper preferences.

To be completely independent and very happy at all times, could be by having mutual love with all conscious beings, and helping each other in different ways. This would be a much better choice rather than accepting the current habit of standard competition.

All options are possible, which is why we can arrive at the very best level of consciousness, instead of accepting ideas being currently imposed by the local dominators. As of now this is not yet the standard case within our world, because most humans tend to be subservient to the local objectivity, and serving human elites.

Being progressively reborn as a free individual may be taking place on a different planet, or perhaps on a much broader level. The end result could be being a human, or perhaps some kind of a much more advanced type of conscious being. Once most local humans will accept such progressions, our planet will be restored as well.


We only have access to the local part of the world. With respect to the total reality, nobody knows anything truly concrete. The most fundamental essence may therefore have endless possibilities.

Despite getting more advanced scientific knowledge on the local level, no one ever has the right of being a total authority. What underlies the broadest objective human knowledge is always completely unknown further out. The all inclusive total existence is therefore a matter of completely equal assumptions by anyone. Making our very own assumptions instead of accepting domineering implications makes therefore perfect sense.

Given that nothing can be objectively established as to the most essential truth beyond human access, everyone has an equal right to create their own broadest ideas, moving in the direction of the very best individual inner choices. Thus, if being broadminded, we can make our very own individual assumptions, which would make us free and independent.

As of now most people do not do so anymore. They simply focus on the immediate local advantages, particularly in western societies. Accepting automatically what the financial elites tend to impose as the best human options, makes them their slaves.

The total reality, partially known and unknown, must have its most essential source. Its fundamental creation may be therefore defined as God. Identifying with God means identifying with everything, including all humans. It would reject the current habit of standard competitiveness, and the subservience to the local manipulations.

If identifying with the total reality, we also identify with all humans, just like Jesus Christ and the most proper early Christians. If identifying only with the local issues, we tend to compete with most of humanity, just like the hidden Satanists and their current servants.

We will all die sooner or later. What will happen next may depend on the ideas that we have established most deeply over a lifetime. Focusing on the absolutely total reality is the very best, because it allows having endless possibilities, including our own inner choices.

Focusing instead just on the immediate advantages is a fully animalistic restriction. It only allows adjusting to the local circumstances, rather than establishing our very best broadest ideas. Given that it is fairly typical now under the globalist/satanist financial dominance, it tends to affect most societies. Introducing truly initial Christian ideas can actually restore our standard independence, just like it happened in most of Europe about two thousand years ago.


As of now, people no longer focus on the broadest reality, which would allow them to establish their very best independent inner options.

The eternal totality includes completely everything, which is why it makes perfect sense to acknowledge that ones own consciousness is a part of it.

As a result, it is possible to identify with all of existence, both known and unknown. Given its unknown portion, in the past people used to establish their very own deepest inner preferences, moving in such direction further on over lifetime.

With respect of having different access to the local reality, all humans tend to focus on its various aspects. However, if the deepest tendencies are focused upon, the final conclusions are common for all humans, witch is why common spirituality used to exist.

If such deepest tendencies become primary, individuals do not tend to create any conflicts. While identifying with all of totality, they also tend to identify very deeply with all humans on the local level. As a result, it causes standard cooperating, rather than standard competing.

Currently most people tend to focus instead only on the local level. From their childhood on they are shown various products that they become dependent upon. Given that they are no longer capable of maintaining themselves on their own, they only desire such products, exposed by the globalist dominators of the supposedly democratic western governments.

In order to receive such products, it is necessary to pay money. In order to get money, people actually compete with each other, instead of truly cooperating. Of course, money is created out of nothing by the hidden financial elites. To get money, current people are serving them completely, actually becoming their slaves. This is why the standard human tendencies are currently manipulated, rather than being established independently.

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