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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


If you get but one glimpse of truth on the grandest scale, you will never be deceived. So let's move on. Here is the fundamental truth: there is only ONE EVERYTHING. Think about it: how could there be more or less? It may be finite in some way, with some sort of limit well beyond the grasp of human perception, or truly infinite, with new realms ever emerging, to subsume whatever has become known. But, in either case, it has to be only ONE.

The ONE EVERYTHING axiom endures all. Its simple logic stands above all conditionality, which pervades our local scale of understanding.

It is true not because I said so, but because it is plain and self-evident to everyone. You can feel it at the very core of your being. Assuming something other than ONE EVERYTHING would defy all standard logic, and all mathematics would be false as well. So, here is your starting point.

We start out with knowing of ONE EVERYTHING, but we have access only to its certain portion. Yes, being-at-large is an ABSOLUTE and all-encompassing outer frame for all that exists. But somewhere within it lies our limited local world – the spectrum currently ranging no further than form cluster of galaxies to subatomic particles, subject to our perception and empirical knowledge.

Our local world is then an incomplete fragment embedded in a larger context. Clearly, incompleteness cannot stand in the ultimate sense. Its necessary complement must be somewhere beyond our reach.

Discovering the relationship between the local and the absolute realm is a step towards liberation. Of course, this relationship is your own: private and individual. Don’t let any authority interfere. You define it for yourself on gut level.

So, chart out for yourself the connection between that which is locally manifest, and that which is necessary as the summation of all things. It will give you a clear sense of an unalterable vertical orientation. Without it, you are just spinning in space with no ultimate reference frame, and no direction of your own.

Let’s explore this relationship further. Since there is only one TOTALITY, it must have a certain, all-pervasive nature. Something must characterize all things that exist, in the most basic way - simply by the virtue of their belonging to one TOTALITY. But this common element is not known empirically. If we acknowledge it, it is no more for us than a purely abstract logical inference.

Nevertheless, form our local human perspective, we may try to ascertain what is the primary/ultimate nature of everything. Just like Columbus who sailed thinking that the Earth must be round, we may seek to confirm experientially that which we know as logically obvious.

No matter how much we do, all that we may know empirically can only broaden our sense of vastness and multidimensionality within EVERYTHING, but it can never really cover EVERYTHING. Further potentials are infinite at any time.

All inquiries we make as to the surrounding reality, whether individual or collective, whether aided with natural senses or sophisticated scientific tools, always run into a wall of duality. The further we probe, the more new questions we encounter – at least so far throughout human history, and perhaps forever.

All facts that may be established empirically rest upon uncertainty about their foundation. Dual or multiple interpretations are ever possible, depending on primary assumptions. Thus, what is known always rests upon that which is unknown.

Yes, delving into our surroundings armed with intelligence and practical ingenuity does give us more control over our local world. This is what scientific progress is all about. Of course, it is great in many ways. Yet, it is utterly useless in telling us what the ultimate nature of reality really is.

Empirically obtained knowledge is never complete. The more we expand it, the more intertwined it becomes with the vast unknown context, which surrounds it on all sides. At some point, empirically confirmed data simply fades into the unknown, leaving us guessing about things most fundamental.

For instance, let’s consider matter, energy, space and time, accepted presently as basic facts in our corner of the universe. Do they represent a default condition throughout the entire reality, or do they perhaps constitute just a unique tangle of complex contingencies, which manifest as they do only here and now? Well, we do not know.

There is simply no way to establish if even the most widely confirmable natural laws are truly universal and self-sustaining, or perhaps very unique and exceptional, based upon some unknown special circumstances.

This question can never be answered, because we do not know the true scale of EVERYTHING. Knowing that there MUST BE an ultimate, all-encompassing level of reality is far from knowing what it is exactly. Its existence is an inescapable necessity, but its specifics are virtually unknown. And for this reason, TOTAL REALITY represents to us a full, truly infinite spectrum of possibilities. Nothing can be ruled out or established about it, based on the empirical knowledge.

However, we may place our incomplete, empirically accessible realm within any larger conceptual context of our choice. In so doing we establish a certain FAITH, which gives us an ultimate orientation with respect to EVERYTHING.

We must be ever ready to revise what has been established empirically, because in light of new discoveries these current truths may well be nullified, if not entirely reversed. As we advance our knowledge, this may be happening time after time, so the objective judgment about the final state of reality must be forever withheld. However, your FAITH is not affected this way. Your broadest conceptual approach to the ultimate truth can never be abolished.

No, outer empiricism is not the way to know the ultimate nature of things. Yet, the individual relationship with respect to EVERYTHING should be pursued nevertheless. This is the only way to establish ones own stable orientation with respect to REALITY.


Thursday, March 05, 2009


We are of the Universe - whatever characterizes it most fundamentally, must also be reflected in our deepest nature. Thus, in absence of any objective indicators, we may well postulate an essential sameness between ourselves, and the all-inclusive EVERYTHING.

We are essentially conscious subjects, receiving a range of experiences of different types and qualities. In fact, we are nothing but a string of conscious experience in time. We experience raw input data, then we judge it, respond to it, analyze it, and interpret it as reality of one kind or another.

While we postulate an external world, it consists of thoughts and concepts in our minds. We make projections, and yet we really cannot step outside of our consciousness. At best (or at worst, perhaps) we can negate its entire regions, calling them an "objective world”, though they are always wholly reducible to thoughts and sensations. In truth, we are consciousness itself.

Yes, in its ignorance, consciousness can grasp onto external forms, presuming them to be primary, and itself to be dependent upon them. This is bad faith - a problem to be corrected.

Yet, if in some hypothetical way consciousness were to be removed from the universe, there would be nothing left at all. It is consciousness that ordains and validates existence. Existence maybe of consequence only to a conscious subject. Conceiving of it outside of consciousness is absurd. The ultimate nature of EVERYTHING must therefore be a Universal Consciousness.


Friday, March 06, 2009


As modern slavery of global scope is taking shape before our very eyes, let’s come to a truly liberating realization:

Nothing has to be the way it is

At any conceivable level of existence, things are the way they are, only because enough of us (conscious beings) agree that they HAVE TO be this way. This is particularly obvious to us on the accessible social level where solid confirmations may be seen, but it also must be true on a much broader metaphysical level where the implicit assumptions rein.  

It is by sharing basic assumptions that we make reality what it is. A set of assumptions is equivalent to an attitude. It corresponds to a vibration of a certain frequency. Beings who share that frequency tend to gravitate to their corresponding centers. There, they collectively define their environment.

A presumption about the fundamental nature of reality is in some way like a physical posture. When held by countless conscious beings, it defines primary geometry of their physical world. The like assumptions reinforce by aligning and superimposing perfectly, thus cumulatively forming an objective realm, governed by laws that reflect them.

Of course, because the laws of the objective world hold true and remain in effect, they end up reinforcing our faith in their inevitable necessity, which in turn reinforces them further for the purposes of a given local scale.

This mutually reinforcing cycle can last forever. The longer it lasts, the more established it becomes. But it does not have to. It may be broken and brought down at any time. Starting out with fresh assumptions, we can trigger a sudden domino effect, occasioning a vastly different reality. It is we who are agents of change. We just have to be ready to take the first step.

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