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Conclusions Over Lifetime (2)

Human Nature

Back in the past, people used to live in a natural environment. Given that the earth has been fundamentally the same over millions of years, its pure nature was absolutely constant and permanent for all humans. Learning to survive, and to live independently was being established by all individuals at their early age. Thus, such early established survival skills were perfectly reliable for the rest of lifetime.

After establishing such skills, maintaining themselves well was a standard habit. Therefore, the broad human mentality no longer needed to keep focusing exclusively on the survival skills. Having automatic ability to survive and being able to cooperate well with other people used to make individuals confident and fully free. From then on, their further mental interests were a matter of their own individual choices.

Unlike animals, people do not strictly depend on their instincts. Acting automatically to serve their most immediate physical needs is not their only option. Because of their much greater mentality, humans also tend to focus on the broadest range of the available reality, in order to make intellectual conclusions as to the total truth.

Of course, we have only local access to the total objective reality. Over time we tend to broaden it somewhat, because of having constant focus on all things available within our reach. Nevertheless, no matter how broad it becomes, it is never fully complete.

Broadening it throughout a lifetime eventually makes it obvious that nothing completely final can ever be established in such objective manner. Once certain broader and more underlying circumstances happen to be accessed, they can possibly change or even fully reverse what has been previously established as a final conclusion. Knowing that this may keep happening endlessly as to the potential infinity, it makes all objective conclusions no more than possible assumptions. Clearly, the local truths does not define the fully final range.

This is the reason why we no longer strictly focus on the local portion of the world, while getting more mature. All of its circumstances, including as well our consciousness, are what they are because of the unknown and most underlying, final source of the potentially infinite total reality. Thus, wanting to know what is absolutely most ultimate becomes our number one major desire. Nevertheless, it cannot be established specifically by our standard type of objective studies.

With respect to the broadest perspective beyond our reach, actually anything is possible. Nothing specific can be either confirmed or ruled out as to the most supreme level. Therefore, people who focus on the most essential source of all reality make about it their very own free assumptions. Given absolutely no possible restrictions as to eternal infinity, creating the very best ideas is absolutely proper. Because of such focusing, people tend to reach access to the deepest and most optimal values of human consciousness, regardless of what is dominant in their local part of the world.

All of total reality is what it is, because it must have its certain most fundamental source. It is therefore obvious that the most permanent truth which cannot be established objectively, must be a certain specific case nevertheless. Thus, eventually we make about it our individual assumptions, which is nothing but faith, stemming from the human deepest nature. This is the reason why back in the past all societies used to create many different types of religions, all with the same most fundamental essence.

Actually, anything about existence is obvious due to human mentality itself. All ideas about objective truths are no more than interpretations of certain direct experience within our subjective consciousness. Every individual consciousness is therefore the most obvious reality all together. All things objective, assumed to be outside, are only available by human conclusions, based on the most direct subjective truths, such as seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and having various physical feelings. Subjectivity is therefore primary, while objectivity is only secondary within mental conclusions.

Interpretations of the objective truths may very well be correct, however, they do not necessarily have to be, given that only one’s own consciousness is absolutely obvious. Since individual consciousness is the primary source of the available part of reality, a certain total consciousness must be therefore the primary source of all reality. This is what God is all about. As a total, all inclusive consciousness, God covers all of existence. Additionally, given that any individual consciousness must be a part of the total one, humans used to identify with God.

Spirituality based on the broadest view may be the greatest human achievement over lifetime, given that afterwards human consciousness may need to move in the right direction, knowing the most optimal choices. Since in addition to our local world all sorts of different possibilities may exist further out, it is most proper to reach for the future the very best human option, rather than being permanently stuck and subjected to the same local level.

Focusing of the broadest perspective makes it obvious that regardless of the fairly huge various differences on the local level, virtually all different things must be from a single common source. Such totality includes us and everything else, so we can justifiably identify with all of it. Given such total identification, on the local level we identify most deeply with all conscious beings, particularly with all humans. When such truly broad perspective becomes available, similarities are recognized as essential, while differences as superficial.

Current Civilization

The current civilization is much different. Its supposed progress has made people unable to support themselves independently, so they no longer keep themselves alive on their own. Instead of being open-minded and curious about the broadest reality, they only focus on their most direct survival issues, just like animals.

It is the case in spite of human intelligence, because the local circumstances are no longer clear and obvious. Current survival requires constant adjusting to the various local changes, surprising and having unknown sources. They are actually manipulated by the hidden elites who keep dominating most of humanity under the excuse of providing human advancement.

Individuals are controlled by the elites starting from their early childhood. Instead of focusing on their parents, they have to attend standard schools. Schools, of course, teach them many valid and practical solutions for the current issues, while also implying certain artificial and unnecessary ideas. As a result of being in school and in touch with all manipulated children, later on humans tend to desire various products which they cannot create on their own. To keep receiving them they must serve the elites in a standard way.

The end result is that most people no longer have the habit of making their own individual judgments. They only accept what has been officially established, and tend to ask the alleged social experts what is most relevant.

This is also due to advanced science. Science has been developing over many centuries. It is therefore much deeper and more precise than what a single individual may establish on his own. Being so advanced it is very helpful. It creates many practical solutions used by industries and economies on the global level.

Unfortunately, most people do not recognize that all science is established by no more than the locally discovered physical correlations. Regardless of scientific progress, further sources beyond the ever-established correlations are always unknown. Scientific assumptions of such sources on the much larger scale are completely unconfirmed, just like assumptions by any standard individual. Just like anybody, scientists, of course, know absolutely nothing objective about the most advanced level of reality. Nevertheless, the assumptions that they imply are generally accepted by current humanity.

They tend to imply that the only relevant existence is the physical objectivity, despite the fact that anything must be established only by the subjective human consciousness. Thus, people who accept their implications fail to recognize their own most obvious conscious aspect. Their consciousness appears to them as secondary, or even completely unreal. As a result, they only focus on their most immediate needs, not ever arriving at true spirituality. Such focusing without much broader ideas amounts to human self-negation. Not being able to establish their own inner values, most people remain subservient to the hidden globalist elites.

This is also the reason why current religions are no longer as standard and natural as it used to be in the past. Many churches tend to present themselves as alleged experts of God, while requiring money from the attending people.

Rather than being self-supporting, nearly everyone depends nowadays on various products that are available only by money. In order to get money it is necessary to serve companies and governments. Working for them creates the standard habit of adjusting to the financial system, instead of establishing ones own values and preferences. It causes mental manipulation. Many people consider themselves competent and most effective, while fully serving their dominators. They do not bother to acknowledge that the demands of their standard bosses come from a much larger global level. All existing companies depend on money. They are therefore subject to the financial elites from the supposedly democratic western civilizations.

Currently companies keep reproducing many desired products for the sake of their own advancement. Instead of being more permanent, many new products actually do not last as long as they used to, which is why they need to be repurchased more often. Such advancements are of course for the financial elites, rather than for the actual societies.

A large portion of current food is no longer natural. They are produced with GMO’s. A lot of water also tends to include fluoride. Such upgrades are not nearly as healthy as all foods we used to eat in the past. Without being natural, they are created and imposed regardless of independent preferences of major populations.

Most current medicine does not attempt to fix the actual root causes of the health issues. They only focus on diminishing external symptoms. The end result is that purchasing many drugs continues to be fairly constant. Other medications which may be more effective, tend to produce additional side affects as well.

Most current police no longer serve the communities by protecting them against all aggressors. Instead, they only serve governments and companies, while being aggressors themselves with respect to the standard people. A true democracy would serve the standard people, rather than manipulating them from above.

Currently chemtrails are present over a number of continents. Despite the fact that such a huge issue must be extremely important, most societies do not have much information about it. Many people do not know about the chemicals witch are being exposed, or who is actually in charge of such exposures. In truly democratic countries establishing such standard actions would need to be initially discussed and approved by the society.

Given that chemtrails keep taking place over all continents, it confirms the globalist dominance, rather than actual democracy. Fairly soon the globalists may confirm their supposedly natural global warming, while as a result poisoning and destroying various societies throughout the world.

Most people no longer communicate deeply and honestly, given the very standard current type of competition. They mostly speak with each other only for the sake of their own local advantages. Their lack of the previous type of social communication makes true democracy totally impossible. Rather than establishing their own common preferences, western societies simply listen to the media, and as a result of propaganda they only vote for the mentioned candidates, all of whom are essentially the same servants of the globalist elites, despite the superficial differences that they tend to focus upon.

Serving the elites is completely different than having independent skills for the standard self-survival. In order to dominate everyone, the elites make humanity much more shortsighted. The end result is that while depending mostly on money, people are predictable and easily manipulable. This is why the great majority of current individuals almost never become fully self-confident. No matter how rich they become, they always worry about potentially not getting more money or possibly losing it.

Such standard focus also causes competitiveness within a number of current families. Many people tend to marry each other not because of true love, but because of possible financial advantages stemming from their spouses. If such advantages are no longer the case, divorces keep taking place.

A large number of fairly rich old people continue focusing on further financial profits, despite the fact that they have tons of money way beyond what may be needed for the rest of their lifetime. Rather than focusing on their own truly individual choices and looking independently for the essential ideas of total reality, they continue to maintain their old habits, and stay subservient to their previously imposed financial tasks, dying eventually without having arrived at the broader level.

The supposed human progress is an actual regress in the current civilizations. Standard shortsightedness causes greater focus on differences rather than on similarities. This is why most people tend to compete, instead of truly cooperating and identifying with one another.

The habit of competing and focusing only on the immediate physical needs moves humanity back towards animalism. Given that the current civilizations are manipulated from above, most people are no longer free and independent like wolves. The most subservient human portion is instead fully controlled, just like dogs.

Such actual slaves, defined as supposedly chosen or superior, actually serve most of all the hidden satanist elites. Under various excuses they have to attack all those who wish to stay more independent. Communists, fascists and zionists are all like dominated dogs, attacking the people who are somewhat more free, wanting to be like wolves.

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