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The Grand Perspective

An animal has no vision of reality - it simply responds to instincts. A human being is more than an animal, but it too responds to instinctive motivations. You do what you can to escape pain, to seek orgasms, to fill up your stomach with tasty food, to keep warm and comfy, and to avoid death under all circumstances. There is nothing wrong with it - this is part of human nature. Without fulfilling biological needs you wouldn't be able to survive.

However, if you only serve such needs, then you are no more than an animal - regardless of your sophisticated methods and human intelligence. In the end, all related activities are no more than automated reactions to stimuli, rather than ones own initiatives. You can be then very easily manipulated, because it is exceedingly clear what matters to you the most.

You become human (or even superhuman!) if in addition to fulfilling your basic instincts you also have the desire to comprehend the most essential part of reality. It simply means that you wonder what constitutes the underling basis of all things we experience.

Then you want to explore and confirm the relationship between the local realm within the reach of your senses and the grandest realm which surrounds it. As a conscious being, you want to know the world you are a part of in its most ultimate, comprehensive dimension.

Of course, you can only make assumptions about it, because the finite human mind cannot establish anything with respect to the infinite realm. Human knowledge is always limited. Each and every discovery of empirical facts is always accompanied by further question marks as to its broader foundation - and it is an endless pattern.

Nevertheless, due to such passion, you deepen your knowledge over time, and integrate all discernible things into one entity. You start to recognize all things, including yourself and all others, as expressions of certain universal laws, stemming from a single, all encompassing source.

Since you identify with the entire spectrum of existence rather than just with the animalistic urges, you therefore possess completely different motivations - surpassing by far your simple, self-serving instincts.

Given your much wider perspective, you may actually be willing to commit sacrifices for the sake of other beings, whom on a broader scale you recognize essentially the same as yourself. Your impact upon the surroundings becomes then potentially unlimited. Thus, you become unpredictable and incomprehensible - and no longer subject to any standard manipulations.

Little wonder therefore, that the SYSTEM is afraid of this. This is why the elites try to define your reality for you - preemptively and from above. While directing your attention to animalistic thrills, they also impart into your subconsciousness that their scientific 'experts' are high priests who understand absolutely everything.

If you accept that their ideological dogmas are exclusive, exhaustive, all encompassing and fundamentally correct, then you will be encasing yourself into their locally concocted cocoon. You won't try to delve personally into the grandest, supreme enigma, which makes all things equally contingent. To the SYSTEM's delight, not only will you succumb to animalism, but more adversely, to animalism of a domesticated type.

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