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Animals can only respond to their local circumstances. Alternatively, as humans we can be in charge of our own development. Being able to control local circumstances, we can determine what we want to become over time.

In the past we all used to have such an opportunity, because natural circumstances are always constant and reliable. Therefore, most people used to establish their standard survival skills and to cooperate with one another well before reaching their middle age. Establishing essential self-support and full independence early on allows human intelligence to go beyond the local level, covering a much broader perspective for the rest of lifetime.

Focusing on the broadest reality allows us to consider infinite possibilities, to arrive at our deepest inner values, and to establish our optimal preferences by having direct access to the most fundamental human nature.

Moving independently in this direction and arriving at the broadest perspective is what true spirituality is all about. By acknowledging such all inclusive total reality we tend to identify with all there is, particularly with all of humanity, recognizing similarities as most essential and differences as superficial.

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Our current civilization is animalistic. Almost no one becomes independent and self-sustaining. From the very start, young generations are made to desire what they cannot create by themselves. In order to keep getting what they desire, they must keep getting money. Trying to get as much money as possible becomes the source of their standard subjugation for the whole lifetime.

Nearly all people, including the very rich, always want more money, and always worry that they may possibly lose it. As workers, they must always be subservient to their dominators. Thus, they never get as self-confident as the independent self-supporters of the past. Rather than truly cooperating, they tend to compete with one another, never focusing on all reality in order to establish their own inner values.

The financial SYSTEM, of course, is not anything natural. Money is created out of nothing and entered into circulation so the communities can serve the hidden elites. All social circumstances are manipulated in this way, leading towards globalism. As a result, people no longer have their own broad perspectives. They tend to respond only to the local circumstances, just like shortsighted animals. Thus, their future development is being determined from above, and they turn into slaves.

 More such details in three "Conclusions Over Lifetime"...

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