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Let's face it...


Clearly, we are born and bred in well-engineered social confines, so we no longer know how to interpret things at large, truly on our own from the bottom up, basing conclusions purely on empirical inputs and universal principles of logic. Instead, we accept certain collective dogmas that are either drilled into our heads by brute force, or implied steadily in a subtle manner.

We find it gratifying, because shortcuts always make things easier. Besides, as long as we accept collective views as unquestionable truths, they in fact become binding in this fateful local realm which we conjure up unknowingly, under the auspices of our watchful guards. Later, these views actually become our security blankets, which is why we hold on to them with such desperate vigor and tenacity.

If we follow the path of least resistance and accept the sacred mantras proclaimed by the highly esteemed gurus, then, unknowingly, we allow the crafty elites to mislead and to control us, to our detriment.

This is not the way to go. We must rely on our own most direct elements of perception, regardless of the distortions that abound in societies. Having at our disposal a natural human perceptive apparatus we can assess the reality in its broadest sense independently, rather than succumbing to the cud of ideological and conceptual composites that are prepared and predigested for us.

By establishing and maintaining an independent relationship, SELF-VS-THE-UNIVERSE, you will arrive at the self-evident truths, which are completely out of reach of the collectively-brainwashed mobs.

Part 2


The true wisdom is a universal wisdom, regardless of the local circumstances, culture, propaganda, space, and time. It pertains to the most durable facets of reality that we can comprehend. It can be established only by one’s own mind, based on nothing other than simple conclusions stemming form one’s direct sensory input.

Only that which is confirmed by your direct experience is truly reliable. By relying on data outside the range of your senses, or on some arcane methods of analyzing data beyond your ability to do it yourself, you are a cripple using perceptual crutches.

In so doing, you are accepting on faith things which are potentially false, because they cannot be confirmed independently. You may certainly acquire a lot of correct and helpful information in this manner; however, if one day it should no longer be the case, you won’t recognize it. Adopting such a habit will therefore seriously undermine your perceptive sovereignty.

This sovereignty will be further diminished if you base your world view on hints and suggestions of the renowned scientific minds, armed with esoteric knowledge. What you then accept as truth also contains elements you cannot verify. Additionally, by accepting conclusions of those whom you regard as great authorities (because they happen to know certain aspects of the world a bit deeper than you do), you inadvertently absorb a whole array of values, views and attitudes which they inculcate upon you unnecessarily.

For instance, it would be quite absurd to expect a meteorologist to be your fortune-teller. And yet this type of psychological tendency somehow has a hold on us. This is why the domineering wise guys, passing for the all-knowing scientific experts, instruct you how to view the world.

Of course, it’s okay to rely on indirect knowledge for practical purposes. You do not need to know every detail about constructing an airplane before you take a flight. However, the minute you start basing your ideas about the fundamental nature of reality on something as dubious as the notions relayed to you by others, you cease being a sovereign subject.

Thus, you become an object and a manipulable puppet instead. You no longer see the world with your own eyes. What's more, you give up your unconditional and absolute right to declare, judge and define your own reality for yourself. Do not allow yourself to be blinded in that way. This is a truly tragic compromise!

Part 3


All knowledge is suspended within the vast dimension of the Realm Unknown. Constructive knowledge, collectively confirmed by the achievements of previous generations and numerous scientific experiments is obviously broader than any individual knowledge. It is more far-reaching when it comes to shaping our surroundings or predicting future. For these reasons it is undoubtedly useful and practical.

Nevertheless, just like your individual worldview, the highly professional collective knowledge is based on certain empirical correlations that may be observed, but without the slightest clue as to what may precede them on a more fundamental level.

For example, we have learned about gravity, because an apple fell off a tree, but we may only speculate as to why there is gravity in the first place. This is why no pronouncements by any earthly authorities as to what underlies the known facts should be deemed valid and binding - be they official, legal, academic, scientific, religious, atheistic or otherwise. What precedes the empirical data is simply an open question.

A shoemaker may lecture you on how to make shoes, a physician may instruct you how to treat cancer, and an astronomer may teach you how to count the stars. Hail the esteemed experts - may they be honored and admired for their highly developed expertise!

However, they do not know, nor can they possibly know, what characterizes the world in the broadest sense. Their narrow specialties in no way entitle them to interpret reality for you. No one can specialize in things most general. With respect to the most supreme area nothing can be verified, so everybody’s qualifications are the same. Thus, do not allow any shady charlatans, claiming to have a highly advanced esoteric knowledge, to convince you, abracadabra, how things truly are, what really counts, or what to believe in, ultimately.

Regardless of the adamant attempts at deception by the power hungry manipulators, it is you and you alone who decides about reality in general. There are no objective premises as to the ultimate dimension of existence. The primary axioms are always chosen arbitrarily, and therefore you too have the right to decide for yourself what counts and what doesn’t in the end.

What ideals to cherish is strictly your own decision based on your most innate criteria, and not on any dogmas imposed from without. No matter how advanced or sophisticated, no one possessing worldly knowledge has the right to dictate to you what applies on the ultimate level, beyond the local dimension.

Part 4


All knowledge, great or small, is always finite, so it may be symbolically depicted as a three dimensional object. The realm unknown, on the other hand, has no conceivable limits, so it may be represented as the infinite space which surrounds it.

Thus, all knowledge always exists within the unknown context, and its extent with respect to the realm unknown can never be ascertained, as nothing can be ascertained with respect to infinity. The unknown factors within the larger scale of reality are potentially ever capable of neutralizing or even reversing everything within the realm of our current knowledge. All knowledge is therefore ever conditional. Ultimately, nobody knows anything that may be permanently and unconditionally true about the total objective dimension.

Back in the prehistoric days you knew the cozy little cave you lived in, the meadow nearby, the forest and the local paths. But you had no clue about what was beyond the horizon.

Later on, the classical four elements came into view, and then the planet Earth. Today you also know about galaxies, atoms, and subatomic particles. Still, you do not know what larger context encompasses the galaxies, nor do you know what components underlie the particles which are presently assumed to be most elementary.

Perhaps in a hundred years or so, new geniuses will make some momentous strides and broaden the range of our knowledge, both in the micro and the macro direction. The protons and the neutrons we are now familiar with, as well as the galaxies that we know of, will by then appear to us as naive as the prehistoric caves do at present.

And yet, the same totally unknown context will continue to envelop these new perspectives. In the infinite journey, every turn is followed by another. Each and every fact, noted and established is warranted by certain more fundamental facts that remain unnoted and unacknowledged – and so on with no end, because more underlying dimensions are potentially ever possible.

Every discovery, therefore, opens up a new set of questions. Rather than narrowing down the spectrum of possibilities, it actually expands it further.

Any human mind, being invariably finite, may deepen its knowledge of the surrounding local scale, but it will never traverse the entire infinite realm which underlies, warrants, sponsors, supports, and precedes everything that may be within the reach of human perception.

For example, we do not know whether things currently thought of as the foundation of the physical world (i.e., time, space, matter, energy, etc.), are primary and self-sustaining, or, if they perhaps require certain more essential yet unknown conditions to support their existence.

And further, if we could somehow discover that such hypothetical conditions do in fact exist underlying all that is known, we still could not be certain whether or not there may be even more essential prerequisites, underlying that which was just discovered – etc., etc., ad infinitum.

It cannot be ruled out that what we currently consider to be most lasting and enduring may in fact turn out to be but one of an infinite number of modalities within the yet unknown more essential protoplasm of the universe.

The foundation of the foundations, or "the other side of infinity", constitutes an eternal unadulterated mystery, comprising a full set of conceivable/inconceivable potentialities, all equally unverifiable. Paradoxically, this mystery is the only unchanging element that stabilizes our mutable world. It is the solid backdrop upon which the realm accessible to human knowledge lingers on inexplicably, without knowing its ultimate nature or significance.

Actually it is we who ascribe significance to the portion of the world we recognize. Not because of any objective factors, for they invariably fade from view as we approach the limits of human knowledge, but as an expression of our subjective nature and the innermost needs of our conscious awareness.

Each one of us is entitled to seek meaning on that level intuitively, and completely on his own, because there can be no supreme human authority with respect to the most fundamental realm of reality which is beyond access of human objective criteria.

This is why you become truly human once you reject all indoctrination and reestablish the original, independent relationship between the SELF<--AND-->INFINITY.

Part 5


Here is the sum up of what follows from the Absolute Unknown, which is our primeval common denominator: the most critical aspect of reality, the one we recognize as the most essential foundation of our world, lurks within the realm of infinite potentials. Therefore, in the ultimate sense, no objective criteria may ever be ascertained by humans.

It has always been so, it is, and it will continue to be so, regardless of how far we may expand our knowledge with respect to Infinity. Thus, everyone has the same, inalienable right to choose his subjective criteria in establishing a private relationship with total existence.

Everyone has the same basis to make equally warranted/unwarranted interpretations with respect to the ultimate meaning of life. And no one can disprove them, because within the unverifiable realm all hypotheses are equivalent. It amounts to one’s own internal frame of reference, allowing for independent judgments with respect to fundamental facets of reality. In this abstract sense everyone has his very own, individual access to God. And God gives us total freedom and equality.

Thus, as an autonomous being, cast upon the virgin background of natural Earth, you base your modus vivendi upon certain arbitrary assumptions with respect to the broadest dimension of existence.

Regardless of whether they are just naive guesses or sophisticated inferences, they invariably represent your innermost qualities. In this way you project your essential values onto the outside world.

Others like you (your peers of equally universal orientation), will no doubt conjure up concretely different fables about reality. Yet, they will most likely base them upon similar values - not imposed from above, but stemming intrinsically from within human nature.

You will then jointly create a social environment of a certain type. It will be imbued with the principles you all hold within, including a partial input of every member. Your inner qualities will thus end up being expressed and superimposed. To a certain degree, everyone contributes to the development of their community. Thus, in a free society everyone leaves their individual mark as a permanent factor.

In this manner it is your consciousness that determines the so called "social being", which is the social environment you create collectively. This is why your life has meaning, expresses values, and makes sense. This is freedom.

Perhaps this is why we should cherish, love and respect our original cultures. They are precious, because their free and spontaneous forms reflect our basic nature, regardless of how they may have been injured or distorted by the events of history.


*            *            *


Well, in this finite earthly realm, societies do not remain in the state of virgin isolation for too long. Since the ancient times, historical relations are based on interconnectivity. Social groups always interact, and in addition to other consequences, they all eventually end up afflicted by the most depraved fallen tribes.

This is in fact what has happened, which is why at the present modern stage so many large scale human relations are tainted with extreme competitiveness, hidden hostility, greed and hypocrisy.

Should you allow yourself to lose your own frame of reference rooted in the infinite realm, your energy potential will become vulnerable and someone will immediately tap into it to control you from then on. Thus established weakness leads to self-negation, and translates into strength of certain others, who relentlessly seek to undermine your sovereignty, so that their own sovereignty may become greater at your expense.

The high priests of the secret elites engage in the widespread social engineering. They aim to submerge you in the social cocoon to splinter and dislodge your individual relationship with the greater universe. They do so to ensure that you see yourself strictly in reference to the social structures, through the cultural criteria that they define for you from above.

Within the social realm under their command, they turn the INFINITY for you into ZERO. You therefore negate the infinite potential and recognize only what is being acknowledged collectively. You no longer look outside the social conventions. You don't create your world and your culture any more. You just give up your right to define your reality by your intrinsic values.

Instead, it is the "social being" (the social environment they manipulate) that determines and sculpts your consciousness. Since social development is professionally engineered, you no longer have the chance to leave your personal trace within your community. You are just a marionette and a blind tool in hands of the depraved globalist elites.

The elites do not recognize human freedom or equality. They deem themselves chosen, and thus try to achieve a superior status by casting the rest of humanity into debilitating conditions.

Part 6


Five thousand years ago ancient Egypt came into existence and lasted for nearly three thousand years. To this day it represents the most appealing social model for the satanic elites. Every tyrant, totalitarian ruler, or power hungry despot will readily agree that nothing comes close to the Egyptian state.

Back then the local pharaoh was God for all subjects. A tight web of the high priests constituted an absolute authority in pharaoh’s name. In some unfortunate ways the Egyptian population ended up being so duped that their thinking would never extend beyond the social realm. They somehow give up their individual autonomy and their ability to see the world with their own eyes, in lieu of blind obedience to the hierarchical power.

The free and independent people who value individualism and live for their own sake will not build pyramids for anyone. During the pre-industrial era the huge pyramids could have been built only by multitudes of obedient slaves.

Of course, other conditions must have been necessary back then, such as creating a superb organization, an accurate way of long term planning, and an effective central power.

The very shape of a pyramid symbolizes a hierarchical society, where all social strata are subservient with respect to the supreme elites at the top. The fact that the pyramids did get built confirms stability of the political system of those days.

The ancient Egypt eventually fell apart. However, the recipe for creating slave mentality and subservient social structures has survived in the hands of the select few, until the present day in the western world.

Part 7


Adam Wieshaupt was an ex-Jesuit, and a satanist. Apparently he was deeply fascinated with the ancient Egypt. On May 1, 1776 he presented his grand plan to establish an absolute rule over the planet. The plan was largely based on the ancient Egyptian models. It was the plan for instituting the New World Order (NWO). A satanist order of Illuminati was then created to carry out this plan.

Today the plan is nearly realized. The power is in the hands of the global elites, which aim to dominate the planet by expanding the hidden British Empire on a world scale. It is the central banks that run the show under the rule of the power hungry degenerates of an ancient lineage. The central banks are de facto the mainspring of the Western civilization. They play a key role in implementing the NWO. Only the elites in charge of the banking system are in the position to realize a project on such a grand scale. This is because only they have the monopoly to freely generate unlimited financial resources for their purposes.

To bring about the New World Order various wars have been instigated over the years, including the world wars and revolutions. For this very purpose communism and fascism were sponsored, and most recently the terrorism as well.

According to the Wieshaupt’s directives, the aim is to destroy religions (chiefly Christian), to break down the institution of family (as a basic social unit), to abolish private property, and to wipe out the sense of national identity.

Communist dictatorships excel in enforcing these objectives fairly openly, while in the western countries the same program is being carried out in more subtle ways under the guise of liberalism.

When your independence, your family, your homeland, and your God are no longer of importance to you, you become isolated and lose your ideals, as well as your sense of ethics.

You then no longer cherish any vision of reality for which you would be willing to make persistent efforts, or to sacrifice anything. Your only motivations are simply fear or greed. Like an animal, you respond just to stick and carrot, in mechanistic, shortsighted, and fully predictable ways. You depend on money, thus allowing the SYSTEM to dictate for you all goals and priorities. And this is exactly how they want you!

Is it a coincidence that each dollar bill has an image of an Egyptian pyramid coved with masonic symbols? Is it a pure chance that the media and the popular culture consistently strike at our traditional values and undermine our social structures?

If you fail to refocus on your latent spiritual strength and to take charge of your destiny, you will soon find yourself building modern pyramids for the satanists under the yoke of the New World Order.

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