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It is, of course, about things that are personal. Thus, if you click here you will find a pictorial tribute to my father, Adam Wodzianicki, who passed away in January of 1997.  He was a lawyer, and yet an honest man, which is quite extraordinary (Advocatus, sed non latro!).  He was a very exceptional individual in his own right.  We were quite close together, and his passing out was to me of great personal significance.

I am a writer by inner necessity.  I like to write on esoteric, abstract and philosophical subjects.  To me writing is more than a personal hobby - it is a private passion.  You may see some of my writings by clicking on Foundation for the Common Core.

Sets of various drawings: # 1 and # 2

LEGAL NOTICE:  After careful deliberations it is hereby declared that due to the considerations to be taken under advisement the subject matter thereof may be induced to commit the entirety of the stated facts as they relate to the aforementioned, to wit, by means of the interim sanctions, it is hereby provided, that the foregoing purports to be taken as such in reference to what is deemed sufficient to overcome that which in the foreseeable future, conceivably, although not necessarily may be represented or otherwise alleged in a manner to be determined in light of the aforementioned, which, as further agreed, inasmuch as the accompanying circumstances, notwithstanding any future contingencies or prior commitments may be considered highly relevant to said determination, given the range of extraneous factors, inclusive of litigation as one of the applicable courses of action, not by way of limiting the full spectrum of legal instruments, for all intents and purposes sufficient basis may be found to warrant a legal conclusion that requirement of compliance with said commitment be duly authorized and invoked in full force and that it shall remain binding and enforceable with respect to all parties, regardless of their financial status, political affiliations, contributions made to success of well placed personal friends, and close ties to eminencies larger than life, whether implied or express, unless voided in specific instance of it's applicability, as may be deemed necessary and appropriate at face value. Likewise, in all other instances where empty verbiage is employed to create appearances that something intelligible is actually conveyed through sterile semantics replete with meaninglessly complex circular references to non-existent entities, all property, money and articles of value shall be properly transferred to and/or shall remain in control and possession of those who speaking with the authority of law profess to understand it in light most favorable to themselves, which invariably coincides with all that is judicious, prudent, reasonable and proper.

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